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Real-Time Intelligence

allows you to supervise your autonomously managed site remotely 

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Zorronet developed and operates an AI-based platform, that gathers and analyses information from a wide variety of IoTs and systems

The system identifies and filters the most relevant information,

with high precision. It also updates users in real time about any unusual activity, through dedicated messaging groups, and it simultaneously operates different devices to put an end to the event.

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Our platform monitors activity and manages notifications in remote areas autonomously

Sharing information with law enforcement agencies, citizens, as well as with other Zorronet users who are physically close to the event.

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Real-time intelligence alerting & warning of exceptional events

Identify and Analyze

Invasion of people and wildlife to private areas are hard to detect and control, especially in extensive areas.
Zorronet advanced solution prevents damages caused to facilities, equipment, agricultural produce and human life.

Maintaining territorial continuity 

By using AI and IoT solutions we increase revenue, reduce expenses and enable our customers to


Detect and Take Action

The platform is based on advanced artificial intelligence, predictive abilities and customer preferences.
Based on the specific identification, the platform deter the object efficiently by using 1000's of different conditions and prevent damage and harm.


Identify the specific animal type and react accordingly

Social Network in REAL-TIME

Real-time status of all your IoT (internet of things) devices, sensors, digital systems including SOS ALERT for your personal and family security.

All stakeholders and other Zorronet users in the radius of the incident are notified in real time.

Zorronet interface GPS View to see all Zorronet users in your surrounding

Secure your area, equipment and yourself

 wherever and whenever 

from your mobile



Our solution is implemented 
in solar panel farms, power
lines and other energy sites
to protect
equipment and
infrastructure from animal's
damages or other vandalists.


Protect transportation routes
from threat and dangers
and notify the staff in real time.


Zorronet is a tool for the farmer to identify and react  to any threat (human , wildlife or natural hazards like fires), efficiently and on the spot.


Any person, municipality  or company can  connect its equipment easily to Zorronet and receive an advanced SAAS service immediately


We connect and manage 
ANY device



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What Clients Say


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Lior Arazi,  Chief of security, Hefer region, Israel

"The Zorronet system is used throughout the Hefer Valley in agricultural areas, villages & houses, solar farms, Water reservoirs, barns, chicken coops and more.

Already in the first year of using the platform -

we managed to catch gangs aiming to steal 60 tons of agricultural produce in addition to vehicles, equipment and property.


Thanks to Zorronet, all security forces, farmers and residents are regularly synchronized  in real-time, this allows them to coordinate and respond quickly and efficiently"

"but most importantly, citizens and facilities owners feel secured."

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