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 Unmanned Robotic Control Room for the Masses
 Unmanned Robotic Control Room for the Masses
 Unmanned Robotic Control Room for the Masses
 Unmanned Robotic Control Room for the Masses

Empowering Your Emergency & Crime Response

About Us

Zorronet AI-based technology provides an Unmanned Control Room specializing in crowdsourcing emergency and crime response. 

Our mission is to provide the most innovative and advanced technology to help communities and organizations respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies. Our team consists of experts with years of experience in technology and physical security.

Our Vision

Zorronet offers comprehensive and advanced management of your site and self-security through our servers directly to your mobile device.

We envision a world where the response to unusual events is efficient, effective, and accessible to everyone. We believe utilizing the latest technology and crowd-sourcing methods can create a safer and more secure world.

Our Technology

Our platform combines the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics to provide a comprehensive and reliable response system to any scenario via any device. Our technology allows us to analyze and respond in real time, allowing minimum to zero damages.

Who are we

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A seamlessly integrated technology that oversees and manages your everyday reality

Zorronet autonomously manages your site's daily and exceptional scenarios with minimal human intervention while all relevant communities are notified at the same time.

Based on artificial intelligence, the platform collects information from various sources and systems,  detects abnormal scenarios, reports them, routes the information, recommends actions, and activates human and automated resources.

This process is guided by simulated human judgment and decision-making, allowing for a swift resolution of events and preventing significant damage to property and lives.

Our Unmanned SOC for Physical Security enables us to respond to emergencies in real time, providing on-site support and assistance to those in need. With our technology, we can quickly analyze and assess the situation, and provide the necessary resources and support to ensure a safe and secure environment.

How it works
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Surveillance of railway tracks and roads, as well as the prevention of collision

Security Forces


An effective tool for managing and controlling forces and equipment


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Monitoring safety hazards and securing construction sites



Preventing agricultural crime and animals damage.

Houses and

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Protection of businesses and homes from break-ins and thefts



Monitoring suspicious scenarios and securing schools, warehouses, factories etc.

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